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  6th place and TQ in A main of 2017 Vietnam GRP Cup-Mr. Tran Hung Anh   2017/10/17
  The first place in A main of 2017 Vietnam GRP Cup-Mr. Ngu Ky Duc  2017/10/17
  13th place on 4 P.CTO ANDALUCÍA 1/8 TTG 2017 – CHICLANA-Mr.Credic Lopez  2017/10/16
  10th place on the Grand Final of FEMCA-Kevin Lee  2017/10/13
  first place of the province of Almeria-Mr. Cedric Lopez  2017/10/11
04-380601 (US$0.32)
Screwdriver SL3.0/PH
04-380501 (US$0.32)
Screwdriver SL2.5/PH
04-380401 (US$0.32)
Screwdriver SL2.0/PH
04-380301 (US$0. 32)
Screwdriver SL1.5/PH
04-380201 (US$0.32)
Screwdriver SL:1.0/T
04-380101 (US$8)
Telescopic precision
04-381101 (US$0.32)
Screwdriver H2.0/H3.
04-381001 (US$0.32)
Screwdriver H0.9/H1.
04-380901 (US$0.32)
Screwdriver H0.7/H0.
04-380801 (US$ 0.32)
Screwdriver SL4.0/PZ
04-380701 (US$0.32)
Screwdriver SL3.5/PZ
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