ARGUS-21K3 EVO(US$307.50)
.21 3P EVO Off -Road Competition Engine(Turbo)
K3 EVO is a pre-broken in engine. When you take out the engine from the box, you only need to run 2-4 tanks (250cc-500cc) with 30%-80% throttle power first then run full speed after these process at track. Your engine now is ready for racing. Enjoy your fun time.

Detailed description
With our new engine, we improve the following items.

Ceramic Rear Ball Bearing:
Ceramic-coated backplate. The three needle carb is more precise and easy to tune. It improves the atomization efficiency to provide more torque. Dynamic Equilibrium Crankshaft perfectly balances the crankshaft and therefore now the engine can run smoother with increased fuel mileage. The light weight cooling head features a low gravity with stability and predictable handling.


Complete Set Precise Piston/Sleeve 3PT Rod: 
The sleeve is made from aluminium alloy piston with brass sleeve and the high strength connecting rod to improve its durability. The sleeve has three transfer ports whcih produce a liner power and a low fuel consumption. The hand-lapping sleeve also improved the power.


The conrod is made from a superlight alluminium material which carefully selected by our engineer to build it more endurable. While maintaining the lightness and performance of the previous K3, it now nearly doubled durability. Present more reliable engine for racers.

Rear ball bearing:
The new high precision ceramic rear ball bearing reduces the resistance of rotating mass, increases the engine’s rotational speed rate also lower the consumption of fuel. It also ensures the idle stability, low friction at high temperatures and high rotational speed rate with ease.

Piston Pin:
To reduce weight, this pin is made hollow. The use of high-quality materials also allows the piston pin to be made very light. Using the light piston pin can make our engine run smoother.

Pro Crankcase 21 Set:
Every crankcase is carefully selected, and each one is within the proper tolerance value. The appearence of new crankcase is covered with heat sinks with black color which has the better cooling efficiency. The Crankcase is adopted the way of hardening treatment and ultra-precision machining.

21 Anti-friction Crankshaft with silicon filled:
It is a Dynamic Equilibrium Crankshaft with special material and made from high quality steel. Manufactured with a larger bore intake to improve the efficiency when mixture flow entering inside the crankcase. It now has a special shape to increase the stability inside the crankcase.

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