ARGUS-21K53 (US$362.50)
.21 3P K53 Off Road Competition Engine
 K53 is a pre-broken in engine. When you take out the engine from the box, you only need to run 2-4 tanks (250cc-500cc) with 30%-80% throttle power first then run full speed after these process at track. Your engine now is ready for racing. Enjoy your fun time.
Detailed description

With our new engine, we improve the following items.
Complete Set Precise Piston/Sleeve 3PT Rod:
The sleeve is made from aluminum alloy piston with brass sleeve and the high strength connecting rod to improve its durability. The sleeve has three transfer ports which produce a liner power and a low fuel consumption. The hand-lapping sleeve also improved the scavenging and exhaust efficiency. The lightweight full-milled piston provides the engine power acceleration, which enabling the engine to have greater torque and better fuel efficiency, and also saving fuel.
Head Button with O-Ring:
The new head button adds an O-ring which can help to prevent dirt and debris, and also have better performance of constant temperature.
The new backplate improves the scavenging efficiency of the engine.

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