.21 GT EVO 3P On Road Competition Engine

1/8 GT racing is becoming popular nowadays, ARGUS GT engine is specially develpoed for the growing GT class to dominate the competition.

ARGUS team spent plenty of time designing the new GT engine.

This new GT engine can provide strong torque to move the heavy GT vehicles around while still delivering power and high RPM performance. What’s more, the cooling head features a stable and predicitable heat transferring and low gravity.

It is now available in two versions: 21-GT and 21-GT EVO. 

Detailed description

The light weight cooling head features a low gravity with stability and predictable handling. 

Dynamic Equilibrium Crankshaft perfectly balance crankshaft for smooth and improved acceleration.

The front and back high speed ceramic ball bearing reduces the resistance of rotating mass.

The sleeve has three transfer ports whcih produce a liner power and a low fuel consumption.

The appearence of new crankcase is covered with heat sinks with black color which has the better cooling efficiency.

To reduce weight, this pin is made hollow.

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